News of the Louisiana theatre shooting ignited a ponder. What makes the U.S. and Canada so different? I came across this excerpt from Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine – Moore speculates the biggest difference is fear. The clip is a little long at 10 minutes – try to spare as much time as you can, it’s worth pondering.

3 thoughts on “Mindset

  1. It isn’t a chore to watch a film by Michael Moore. What was said about Canada reminded me of Australia where (when I lived there in 1987 ) no one locked houses or cars. When I asked them it was as if they didn’t understand the concept of locks. Their response was: what if you lose your key?

    I don’t know how you reverse the mindset to a healthy one where respect for property and life is the basis for society but the need for doing so in the U.S. doesn’t require any pondering. Even their president can’t understand why they can’t at least talk about it.


  2. maybe the fact they can buy guns everywhere in USA ? But Canada has guns allowed? for few yes? Dont know really So i dont want to Judge The fact that we see killing in movies like its normal to do. Where will this end?

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