White Pride

Reblogging myself – I’m growing weary off the whole black vs white pride debate.


This is a response written by my husband regarding “white pride”. I strongly believe each and every person should read it….

Why is ‘black american’ ok, but not ‘white american’? Because that’s all that american blacks have. Everyone else in the US either is an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants, from various countries. These people know of their heritage, so they’re Italian Americans, or Japanese Americans, or Greek Americans or Irish Americans etc. They can call themselves that because they know where they’re from.

Black Americans came over on slave ships, and then a concerted effort was made to strip them of their identity, their culture, their religion, their society.  It was illegal to teach a slave to read and write, so they couldn’t write down a history. Plus, slave owners often split up families, meaning the kids went to one owner, the wife to another, the husband to…

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