Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper chose today to call a Federal election. On October 19, 2015 Canada votes for the first time since Bill C-23 (Harper’s reformed Fair Elections Act) became law. Before moving on, take a moment to read my post on the Act –

Legislated restrictions banning Elections Canada from encouraging citizens to vote has me pondering – would a high voter turnout spell disaster for the Conservative party? Why did the Act abolish “vouching” for voters lacking proper identification? Could it be that Harper’s reign depends on the demographic responsible for his baffling success? Might Canada look a whole lot different if young or marginalized citizens bothered to vote?

The Fair Election Act is anything but. We can stop Harper, all Canada has to do is vote.

12 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Before I read this, I just want to comment…

    Boy have I been waiting for this post since the elections rumors…

  2. I hope you are not preaching in the desert Notes…
    You know how I am going to vote don’t you?
    No Four More Years (or whatever…) with Harper.

    • In my next ponder I’m going to urge Canadians to vote strategically. Stopping Harper might come down to voting for the candidate most likely to prevail depending on individual ridings. At this point NDP or Liberal matters less than putting an end to the abysmal Harper stranglehold on Canada 🙂

  3. One word properly describes all that Harper represents…
    cynicism towards our political “leaders” and this 11 weeks farce …

    I will further comment on your post October 20th.

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