Liberal Conservative

Words “liberal” and “conservative” evoke instant assumptions. These days alarming ferocity pegs each of us as one or the other. Two ideologically opposing words capable of driving the last spike between reason and hysteria. Generalizations used as snide jabs, prefacing everything from politics to crime. Two seemingly innocent words spiraling out of control.

Maintaining some semblance of unspoken civility between opposing camps has gone the way of chivalry. A line has been crossed, nothing will ever be the same. Liberal and conservative eclipsed polite ideological differences, becoming one word answers to questions demanding more. Two little words, catapulted into snide one word reasons to slam our minds shut.

Ponder time saved without encumbrance of independent thought. We’re no longer shackled by demands of investigation or deliberation. Liberal and conservative don’t require burdensome confines of sentence structure, media tells us what they mean. Utter one or the other, suddenly we’re marionettes wobbling painted guffaws and raised eyebrows on wooden heads.

Liberal and conservative make life simple. It doesn’t matter where you reside, all you have to do is oppose the other camp because your wooden head has principles, even though your eyes and ears are closed.


2 thoughts on “Liberal Conservative

  1. If only we each drew the same assumption in response to the same words. Sadly, ‘liberal’ can mean an infinite variety of things — as can ‘conservative’ and we are not talking about denotations but connotations.

    But ‘timed saved without encumbrance of independent thought’ — well, that’s — just plain boring!

    Although, attending yesterday’s Twin Cities Polish Fest I happened to glance a T-shirt saying “Obey Propaganda.” 🙂

  2. Jung said it is easier to judge than it is to think. So often, when I have a talk with friends about ideology, in this sense, political, we find our view points are more similar than different. It is just in the nuances of how we approach problem solving that is the difference. I have a wonderful friend who is a “conservative,” and who would vote for Elizabeth Warren because of her ability to confront problems. He and I know what the problems are, it just finding the definitional differences to work on understanding that is the challenge!!

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