Road Notes

A spur of the moment decision to see my Dad altered intentions to work on Monday. Faster than saying “change of plans”, we found ourselves on a 3 day road trip to the Okanagan. Below, a smattering of photos – tomorrow, a detailed travelogue.

2015-08-17 14.23.55

2015-08-17 17.06.32

Merrit B.C.

2015-08-17 18.41.01

2015-08-17 18.43.49

Okanagan Lake at Peachland

2015-08-18 15.23.31

Okanagan Lake as seen from the homestead.

2015-08-18 18.41.01

Forest fire at Osoyoos.

2015-08-18 18.17.11

Fire above Oliver B.C.

2015-08-19 12.49.02

Couldn’t resist stopping at the pet cemetery on White Lake Road near Okanagan Falls.

2015-08-19 17.46.22

2015-08-19 17.47.23

Hwy. 8 between Merritt and Spences Bridge


4 thoughts on “Road Notes

    • Spontaneity “ish”. Had it in the back of my mind to visit soon, just didn’t know it would be so soon. FYI, the tomatoes are everything I imagined. Dad sent me home with 2 boxes straight from the garden 🙂

      • Yum-Oh!
        The fact that it was in your mind is irrelevant. Do you know how many people think about doing something and never, ever, ever, do it?
        Spontaneity is all about just pulling the trigger. (specially when no one else KNOWS you’ve been thinking about it — which is the reason, why I left a really good job once.)

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