National Dog Day

“Saving 10,000 dogs, one day at a time” is the motto of the National Dog Day Foundation. With two goals – honouring dogs for their love, companionship, hard work in specialized roles, and their vow to rescue 10,000 dogs a year from homelessness or abuse. Since 2004, August 26 has officially been recognized as National Dog Day.

2015-08-15 05.17.23

My little Boxer girl Ruby

3 thoughts on “National Dog Day

  1. As intelligent as boxers are, I’m surprised you didn’t figure out a way to teach her to point, or hunt, or alert you to all those spiders you had …. ????

    • Her intelligence is best described as selective – I throw her ball in the house, she runs to find an open window, drops it outside then sits and waits while I “fetch” it from the garden. She’s all too fond of presenting us with a dead squirrel or rat but has zero interest in creepy crawlies. Sigh. 🙂

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