Snapshots In Time

These photographs speak for themselves,

13.) A picture of the original Ronald McDonald from 1963.

The first Ronald McDonald circa 1963

14.) The Disneyland employee cafeteria in 1961.

Disneyland cafeteria 1961

23.) Beach patrols measuring the length of women's bathing suits in the 1920s.

Beach patrol measuring length of woman’s bathing suit 1921

24.) Martin Luther King Jr. removing a burned cross from his yard with his son in 1960.

Martin Luther King Jr. and son removing burned cross from his lawn 1960

25.) A hotel owner pouring acid in a pool while a black family swam in it in 1964.

Hotel owner pouring acid in pool while black family swam in it 1964

28.) A mother and her son look at the mushroom cloud following a nuclear test in Las Vegas in 1953.

Mother and son watching mushroom cloud of a nuclear test from Las Vegas home 1953.

29.) A mother shamefully hides her face after listing her children for sale in 1948.

Mother hides face after listing children for sale 1948.

32.) Christmas dinner during the Depression.

Christmas dinner during the Depression.

36.) This chimp poses for a picture after his successful mission to space in 1961.

Chimp returns from space mission 1961.

37.) Alcohol being poured out on the streets during Prohibition Detroit in 1929.

Alcohol being poured on Prohibition era street in Detroit 1929

38.) Princeton students after a freshman VS sophomore snowball fight in 1893.

Princeton students after freshman vs. sophomore snowball fight 1893.

40.) What happened when Sweden began driving on the right side of the road in 1967.

The day Sweden began driving on the right side of the road 1967.

52.) The Isolator was a helmet worn to help the wearer focus, rendering a person deaf. They even had a supply of oxygen (1925).

The Isolator helmet allowed the wearer to focus on tasks 1925

53.) A full-faced swimming mask that was to help protect women's skin from the sun (1920s).

Full face swim mask protecting woman’s face from the sun 1920.

70.) A man dresses his dog up in a suit and puts his cat in the dog's lap for a picture (1950s).

Cat and dog 1950

73.) Afghan women, casually dressed, use a public library before the Taliban rule (1950s).

Afghan women in public library before Taliban rule 1950

76.) Fidel Castro lays a wreath at the Lincoln Memorial (1959).

Fidel Castro lays wreath at Lincoln Memorial 1959

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19 thoughts on “Snapshots In Time

  1. Amazing. What a photo spread. The Acid Pool one is so disturbing. I truly cannot figure a mind that would do such a thing simply because of the colour of a person’s skin. Indoctrination at its worst.

    • My family is of mixed race. Growing up in Canada my husband and children escaped acid pool insanity. Crossing the border into America was another matter – absolutely mind blowing difference in attitude.I don’t care to elaborate, suffice to say that on more than one occasion we “got the hell out of Dodge”

      You should click on the link where I found these photos, there are scores of disturbing images of mankind at it’s worst.

      • I just have. Some amazing photographs. Thank you for posting the link.

        Racism, like antisemitism is one of the most absurd prejudices. It truly is bizarre, and wholly manufactured as well.

      • Bizarre will be the day when it comes full circle and bites good ‘ol white boys in the ass.I suspect the resurgence of right wing nincompoops is a involuntary hissy fit stemming from a sneaking suspicion their days are numbered.

      • I truly believe that good will always overcome bad. This is pretty much what old Maslow and his Triangle were all about.
        You can’t aspire to improve if you are forever stamping someone else’s face in the dirt, because one day you will encounter someone with bigger boots.

      • I was actually going to raise this point just as your comment appeared.
        Is there any correlation between religiosity and such extremism?
        I know for a fact that the NGK church in South Africa backed the Apartheid government and cited biblical authority.

      • When I see something like that my mind always wonders, “If they’re capable of doing that to a fellow human being, what do they do to animals…”

      • Blow them to smithereens with their arsenal of heavy weapons because they can, reinforcing their asinine obligation to show everyone who’s boss. People like this are the lowest, most disgusting form of humanity.The frightening thing is they have no idea what utterly despicable assholes they are. I give it 2, 3 at most, generations before they’re the ones scorned.

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