Day At The Fair

Over time fictional standards by which all Fairs are judged locked in my head. A proper fair demands precise measures of warm summer breeze infused with fry grease and diesel fumes. Constant decibels of midway grind punctuated by game of chance symphonies, the faint whiff of livestock manure mingled with popcorn and fried onions. Good fairs exude optimism, the hope we won’t notice frayed edges or tired paint. Above all they require those of us who pass the turnstile in search of a perfect day at the fair.

All images captured by my husband, last Sunday at the Pacific National Exhibition.



2 thoughts on “Day At The Fair

  1. Love the fair images!

    How true about the acquired expectations of fairs! We went to the WI fair every year when I was young and now fairs without Farm Tractors, or animals, or certain KINDS OF VENDORS just isn’t right. And we always had the $1.00 all you can eat Pancake breakfast, and of course Wisconsin CREAM PUFFS. But all those were learned expectations — and I’m not sure I even want to TRY a County fair just because it is by it’s nature a much smaller affair and perhaps part of the appeal for me is that it’s a STATE WIDE affair.

    Dad and I made numerous trips to Toronto at the end of August several years to attend the CNE — for just the same reasons — it was large enough to have all those things plus it had the appeal of the Canadian culture. Too good to miss.

  2. Brings back fond memories of my county fair. Funny–I go now and see the honky tonk in it all. I didn’t back then:). But doesn’t dull my happy memories of seeing the horses, cows, etc. “Steak” on a stick. Elephant ears. And the carnie rides. Sigh:).

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