Socotra Island

Comfortable satisfaction over my world view imploded with the discovery of Socotra Island, Yemen. Decades of exploration, reading, education and wonder –  nary a whisper of Socotra’s existence, let alone the unfathomable landscape.

Dragon Blood tree Socotra Island

Socotra, the largest of four islands in the Indian Ocean archipelago of Socotra rests 240 Km. east of the Horn of Africa, and 380 Km. south of the Arabian Peninsula. Isolated from Africa for seven million years, a third of plant and animal species are endemic.

Desert Rose blooming on Socotra Island

Don’t mistake geographical isolation with quirks of the Galapagos, adjust your thinking to M.C. Escher meets Dr. Seuss.

In 2008 UNESCO recognized Socotra as a World Natural Heritage Site.

According to Wikipedia, archaeological evidence supports human settlement before the 1st century AD. In 2008 a Russian expedition claims to have found stone tools used by early hominids.

Socotra Island in the Indian Ocean - Very unusual

The Beauty of the Island of Socotra

Not sure how I missed Socotra, but know this is a place I have to see for myself.

7 thoughts on “Socotra Island

  1. Incredible! How I would love to see that in person….

    One of my neighbours is a retired doctor from the WHO who has visited pretty much any place in the world and when I asked him what the most impressive place in the world was he answerred Yemen without any hesitation.

    • I wouldn’t have thought a place like this possible.I’ve been a National Geographic junkie my entire life and never heard peep about Socotra. Images burn the back of my eyeballs – I have to see it for myself. I’m obsessed 🙂

      • That is what gets me too, and excites me, it seems to be this piece of perfection unnoticed by modernity. What a treat it would be to spend time there and just enjoy…observe and enjoy.

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