More Than a Tree

Vancouver’s recent wind storm, a dozy responsible for 710,000 homes without power, has me pondering how lucky I was not to lose my tree.


Perhaps living in Vancouver for the better part of my life has heightened my expectations regarding “green spaces”, trees, and reluctantly – shrubbery. I’ll never forget my private belly laugh the day a guest visiting from America blurted out ” what the hell is with all this shrubbery?” This person was genuinely flabbergasted by all the carefully manicured hedges lining our city streets. We have strict laws regarding trees – none can be cut down without a permit, even if on private property. For every tree that is removed, five more must be planted. Our mild winters and early springs are perfect for blossoming varieties; a great deal of thought goes into placement of cherry, plum, magnolia, and hawthorn. The city places trees for optimum visual effect, regardless of the season. My street has everything from plum and oak to sumac.


If asked to imagine a tree, few people would…

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