A Photograph Can Change The World

Photographs rattle cages impenetrable to words alone. Written words inform, yet lack emotional context. The spoken word , more partisan soap box finger pointing than insightful commentary. Inundated with talk and text, we form assumptions, misinterpret intent or context, outright dismiss sources, all too often ignore issues because we lack perspective.

Every so often photographs define humanity without uttering a word. Eclipsing talk and text, indelible images that shake us to the core. Irrefutable truth captured in a single frame, visual jolts we can’t ignore. Sometimes a photograph can change the world.

Body of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi washed up on Turkish beach.





8 thoughts on “A Photograph Can Change The World

  1. Sometimes words are best unsaid, allowing our eyes to convict us of being human after all.

    I can’t help the parallel train of thought about refugees and ‘immigration’ across the Mexican/US border. There are hundreds and thousands of similar-but-not-caught-on-video tragedies happening all the time — and not just there, but in many places around the world. It seems that with the pace of modern society the populace is unable to stay concerned about any tragedy for very long. Of course the real problem is that there are so many legitimate tragedies that human policy have created.

    After several trips to the UK and Europe in the 90’s it has stuck in my head that we here in the US have a nation that is barely a few hundred years old (in the sense of having been affected by European Culture and inundated with immigrants). We have been living with an idea that if we don’t like a building we can just move down the road and build another one. We have not yet realized that all of the infrastructure we build needs to be maintained. When I was in Europe I was struck by the fact that nations there were always ‘closed for renovation.’ And here the only real sense of that we have has been the road system — and now gradually the idea that our water systems too may need to be refreshed after 100 years in the ground. I think it’s a huge shift in mentality to think of a nation with unlimited potential to a nation that has mortgaged it’s future to pay for the mistakes of the past.

  2. one or two years ago now I saw a picture of a Syrian father holding up the headless body of his two-year old daughter. Headless. Some ISIS fuck had cut off her head. That picture didn’t seem to even cause a ripple.

  3. El ansia y la avidez de riquezas fuerza a los títeres del criminal sistema capitalista a situaciones como esta y aún peores que nos oculta la manipulación de sus medios de confusión masiva.

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