Best and Worst Cover Ponder

Nirvana’s  Smells Like Teen Spirit is one of those songs defining a generation. Insert any cliche you like – iconic anthem, pivotal, groundbreaking – doesn’t make a lick of difference, it’s a great song. As with all great tracks, it’s only a matter of time before covers pay tribute.

Songs of this magnitude require artistic interpretation, confidence to express alternate creative visions without slaughtering the original. Tonight I heard Richard Cheese’s version for the first time. Initial reaction smacked of “holy crap, this is bat shit genius” (to put it in context, I was working a wedding and impressed when the DJ slipped it in between Billie Jean and Sweet Home Alabama ). Home finds me vacillating between worst cover ever and brilliant – what would Kurt Cobain think?

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against The Machine

Until I put my finger on it, listening to Patti Smith’s cover ( if there’s a better one I haven’t found it ) makes things right.