Richat – Eye Of The Sahara

Extraordinary describes Richat – a thirty mile wide geologic anomaly surrounded by thousands of featureless Saharan square miles. Dubbed “Eye of the Sahara” by men aboard our first space missions, pondering this curiosity from above led to initial assumptions Richat had to be a impact crater. Located in west-central Mauritania, Richat proved to be anything but.




Extensive research produced no evidence of impact. Geologists generally agree that layers, known as dikes – each one distinctive sedimentary rings dating from the Late Proterozoic (2.5 billion years) to Ordovician (480 million years) – are evidence of low temperature hydro-thermal erosion.

Columns left from volcanic eruptions.

As with most weird and wonderful places, conspiracy theorists follow. The Richat Structure Conspiracy centres on Plato’s description of Atlantis –

“According to Plato, the island was circular, divided into concentric circles of land and water: “There were 2 of land and 3 of water… Atlantis when sunk by the earthquake became an impossible barrier of mud to voyagers sailing from hence to any part of the ocean…” And he spoke about a mount sheltering the city by North and “and encompassing a great plain of an oblong shape in the south “…etc… Atlantis in Greek means Atlantis, nesos : the island of Atlas. And we get near the geologic eye at the North the Mount Atlas. According to Plato, Atlantis was lying “in front of the Pillars of Hercule”, and we are there just in front from South and not beside from East or West as many authors are searching…”

giant eye africa

Atlantis main island according to the text of Plato in Timaeus and Critias, 360 BC.

Not to be a party pooper but the chances of this being the lost city of Atlantis are slim to none. All the same. Richat deserves a ponder – the Eye of the Sahara is mesmerizing.

8 thoughts on “Richat – Eye Of The Sahara

  1. This deserves all the myths it can get. If I’m understanding correctly this is a perfectly symmatric massive magma bump that never quite became a volcano and then eroded into this. Earth is weird.

    • Essentially yes – evidence of at least 2 lava flows but not a volcano in the sense of Vesuvius. Earth is weird (and the notion strange therefore must be Atlantis conspiracy cracked me up). Why does everything unusual automatically become the work of aliens or lost civilization?

      • If not aliens, or lost civilisations … that only leaves God. Eeeeek~!

        I’ve read some interesting postulations of this topic, but with the best will in the world cannot fit Atlantis (as she be spoke) into it.

        I also imagine it to be a wee bit bare in the artefacts department.

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