Stop Harper Strategy

My hope is that Canada’s upcoming federal election goes down in history as the strategic defeat of Stephen Harper. In the last federal millions cast votes against the Conservative Party, failing to elect a single Member of Parliament. Why? Splitting votes between Liberal, NDP and Green assured Harper Conservatives the win.

The Canada we know and love won’t survive another Harper victory. This election isn’t about Liberal, NDP or Green alternatives, it’s the election to stop Stephen Harper. It isn’t enough to get out and vote – Canadians must vote strategically, even if it means life long Liberals voting NDP or Green.

All Canadians sharing “Stop Harper” sentiments need to visit the links below. My first link takes you to the strategic voting home page. The second (and imperative resource) shows all districts. We can’t stop Harper by squandering votes – find your riding, see who has the best chance of defeating the Conservative candidate – vote for them. We have the power to take back our nation, stop Stephen Harper by voting strategically.

Vote Harper out. Vote Strategically!