Cereal Selfie

Cereal box toys hailed from a simpler time, testament to the golden era of advertising. Before dial up PCs squealed brave new world, or UPC codes cataloged purchases – cereal box toys were the reason one week it was Shreddies, the next Corn Flakes. Spy rings, Superman figures, and Tony the Tiger were the reason breakfast meant cereal.


For the sake of brevity and enough self respect to spare tedious musings of once upon a time, I’ll skip to the point (with a strong warning to those over 40 – you may throw up in your mouth). Today I learned that General Mills, makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal have come up with a “selfie spoon”. A what? Hey, come on now, you know what a selfie is! All you have to do is pay for shipping/handling and General Mills will send you a spoon that extends into a 30 inch “selfie stick” so you can take selfies while eating your breakfast cereal. Forget rummaging to the bottom of your cereal box, collecting box tops or entering codes online – apparently we’ve become self obsessed morons.

Marketing genius, or the glint of the nails in mankind’s coffin?



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