Cereal Selfie

Cereal box toys hailed from a simpler time, testament to the golden era of advertising. Before dial up PCs squealed brave new world, or UPC codes cataloged purchases – cereal box toys were the reason one week it was Shreddies, the next Corn Flakes. Spy rings, Superman figures, and Tony the Tiger were the reason breakfast meant cereal.


For the sake of brevity and enough self respect to spare tedious musings of once upon a time, I’ll skip to the point (with a strong warning to those over 40 – you may throw up in your mouth). Today I learned that General Mills, makers of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal have come up with a “selfie spoon”. A what? Hey, come on now, you know what a selfie is! All you have to do is pay for shipping/handling and General Mills will send you a spoon that extends into a 30 inch “selfie stick” so you can take selfies while eating your breakfast cereal. Forget rummaging to the bottom of your cereal box, collecting box tops or entering codes online – apparently we’ve become self obsessed morons.

Marketing genius, or the glint of the nails in mankind’s coffin?


Pluto – Up Close and Personal

Ponder Pluto up close and personal. A 380 kilometer wide portrait, immortalized on July 14, 2015 by New Horizons at a distance of 18,000 kilometers.

Text below taken from earthsky. –

New Horizons snapped the picture looking back at Pluto about 15 minutes after its closest approach on July 14th. Backlit by the sun, Pluto’s rugged, icy mountains tower over a vast frozen plain extending to the horizon. The backlighting highlights more than a dozen layers of haze in Pluto’s tenuous but distended atmosphere.

The new pictures provide evidence for a remarkably Earth-like “hydrological” cycle on Pluto – but involving soft and exotic ices, including nitrogen, rather than water ice. There are signs of hazes, evaporation, precipitation, and flowing glaciers similar to the frozen streams on the margins of ice caps on Greenland and Antarctica.

New Pluto images wow scientists

We Caught Sight Of Ourselves

From the moment mankind became humanity, emerging awareness directed our gaze toward night skies. Primal awakening responsible for cosmic wonder was evolution’s gift, the catalyst for language, science and technology. The cosmos gave us mythology and ritual, made sense of time and seasons. It begged us to accept unfathomable possibilities, to open eyes and imagination to something that just was.

We tried to fathom our herculean universe, struggled to find a frame of reference – then one day, we caught sight of ourselves. From that moment on nothing would ever be the same.


View of Earth from a camera on V-2 #13, launched October 24, 1946. (White Sands Missile Range/Applied Physics Laboratory)

Earth seen from moon via Apollo 8 astronauts in 1968. Image via NASA

the first picture of the earth and moon in a single frame september 18 1977

First image of Earth and Moon in a single frame. Taken in 1977 by NASA’s Voyager 1, 11..66 million kilometers from Earth.

Apollo 17 Astronaut Cernan Adjusts U.S. Flag on Lunar Surface

Apollo 17 Mission Commander Eugene A. Cernan on lunar surface, 1972.

picture of the earth and moon as seen from mars

First image of Earth and Moon taken from the surface of another planet – MGS (Mars Global Surveyor) 2003. MGS wasn’t capable of colorized images, a Mariner 10 Earth/Moon image from 1973 was used to colorize image.

the pale blue dot by nasa voyager 1 carl sagan famous words

The “Pale Blue Dot” ( halfway down the image in the brown band to the right) planet Earth captured by Voyager 1 in 1990. About to leave our solar system, at the request of Carl Sagan NASA directed Voyager 1 to turn around and take one last photograph of Earth from a distance of 6 billion kilometers.




Stop Harper Strategy

My hope is that Canada’s upcoming federal election goes down in history as the strategic defeat of Stephen Harper. In the last federal millions cast votes against the Conservative Party, failing to elect a single Member of Parliament. Why? Splitting votes between Liberal, NDP and Green assured Harper Conservatives the win.

The Canada we know and love won’t survive another Harper victory. This election isn’t about Liberal, NDP or Green alternatives, it’s the election to stop Stephen Harper. It isn’t enough to get out and vote – Canadians must vote strategically, even if it means life long Liberals voting NDP or Green.

All Canadians sharing “Stop Harper” sentiments need to visit the links below. My first link takes you to the strategic voting home page. The second (and imperative resource) shows all districts. We can’t stop Harper by squandering votes – find your riding, see who has the best chance of defeating the Conservative candidate – vote for them. We have the power to take back our nation, stop Stephen Harper by voting strategically.



Vote Harper out. Vote Strategically!



Trouble doesn’t necessarily mean “trouble”, it can mean sit down and enjoy the ride, hold onto your hat because the wind is picking up, or holy crap – this is unexpected. Trouble can mean the start of a very good day; a bat shit day of wild abandon – troublesome only for those who reluctantly find themselves in a ring side seat.

I knew it was trouble when I booked a flight to visit my sister in a few weeks. It isn’t that I’m trouble or she’s trouble; the truth is – we’re trouble. We don’t mean to raise our families eyebrows or make too much noise at 3 AM – we just do, we can’t help ourselves. We are polite middle aged women who inexplicably turn into giggling morons if left alone too long. We dance, call bullshit on each other and collapse on the floor in fits of laughter.

This may not sound like trouble, yet assure you it’s troublesome to those in our path; we become idiots for reasons only we understand. In all honesty, we can’t understand what happens; what’s important is – it doesn’t matter.

I’m the little sister by ten months – she wasn’t even walking when I was born. If I was oil, she was water; two people couldn’t have been more different. We started school the same year, were known as the “sisters” and secretly loathed each others presence. We were always fighting or competing; she – outgoing, me – painfully quiet and shy. We drifted apart to the point of not even speaking to each other for years.

I couldn’t pin point the moment our lives changed; the moment we opened our eyes and looked at each other again. All I know is she’s trouble; the kind of trouble that makes me feel young and stupid, the kind of trouble that leaves us feeling sheepish as we apologize for disturbances in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know who’s crazier, nor does it matter. Life is over in the blink of an eye; pondering irrelevant details is a waste of time – I’m perfectly content knowing trouble’s name is “sister”. Somehow, a week with her makes all my troubles go away.