Trumping Hitler

Comparing Donald Trump to Hitler has recently surfaced on social media and in the blogisphere. Lets begin with a quote from comedian Norm Macdonald in an interview with Seth Abramovitch of the Hollywood Reporter.

“They say humor is the ray of light that illuminates the evil or whatever, but I was reading that in Germany and Hitler times, everybody was making fun of Hitler. Every cartoon was against Hitler, there were comedy troupes doing sketches about Hitler being an idiot with a stupid mustache and what a stupid little idiot he was. So anyway, there goes that theory about the power of comedy. It doesn’t work at all. That’s seriously how I feel about Trump. It sounds very cruel to say about a person, but when the country is responding positively to rough comments — and those are just the ones he’ll say, kind of anti, everything is anti, against, stuff like that — well, all I know is that I’m going to make sure my kid has his Canadian citizenship.” – Norm Macdonald.

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