Edible Water Bottle

Over 50 billion bottles of water are consumed each year in America. A United Nations study estimates our oceans contain 46,000 pieces of floating plastic per square mile. In America alone, 1.5 million barrels of oil (reported at the 2007 U.S. Conference of Mayors, likely much higher today) are needed to produce plastic for water bottles, that’s enough oil to power 250,000 homes or 100,000 cars for a year.

Enter Ooho, the edible water bottle. Brown algae and calcium chloride form a gel around water, the process of “spherification” (think egg yolk) forms a double membrane, keeping contents safe and hygienic while allowing a label to be placed between the two layers of membrane. Water is frozen before being “dipped” in calcium chloride, then bathed in brown algae to strengthen  by creating a second layer.  At a cost of 2 cents per “bottle” Ooho’s future should be bright, but it has a few problems.

London design student and creator Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez concedes container strength is akin to the skin of fruit. Toss in how to re-seal the vessel and ways to keep membranes sanitary for consumption. Technicalities aside, the edible water bottle demonstrates life without plastic water bottles is conceivable.



The Ooho edible water bottle can’t be closed, but is biodegrade. (Rodrigo García González)

Feeling crafty? Make an edible water bottle at home –

6 thoughts on “Edible Water Bottle

      • No matter how I answer that I’d be in trouble. No comment.

        But it’s still a fact that we (as humans) put our talents to work inventing edible panties decades before we considered that edible containers could be of value.

        I have been really struggling with the way in which European settlers on this continent (and others) arrived for the express purpose of exploitation. And how we have literally destroyed entire habitats with nary a second thought — until recent years and now we want developing countries to behave in ways we never did when we were at their stage in development. they should be environmentally responsible not us.

        And then there’s the whole thing that I keep hearing from friends who were my former nude models. I hear this ‘thing’ about how we have to teach young men not to rape. And recently I can’t help but think, how are we ever going to teach men not to rape WOMEN when we can’t teach men not to rape the earth, nor treat earth or other humans with respect, or allow them to live their lives as they choose without our bombing them to smithereens just because we can.

        I swear — I better get out of the city soon — it’s really depressing to live in the city.

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