Liberals Attacked in Ming Pao

Any who doubt how low the Conservative party of Canada will go – ponder Liberal attack ads placed in Ming Pao. Attack ads claiming a Liberal election victory would unleash legalized prostitution, complete with brothels in every neighborhood.  Drug injection sites and the horror of legal marijuana sold to children.

Ming Pao is a Chinese language publication. According to a 2011 survey, this Hong Kong based “economic and political” publication is read by over 277,000 Vancouver citizens a day.

The fact Justin Trudeau, the Liberal party, nor a single Liberal candidate has ever expressed such nonsense, has apparently been deemed irrelevant with an election to win. Text below from a post by Larissa Cahute –

“Liberals want to legalize marijuana, would allow children easier access”

According to, the party’s stance on marijuana is that it plans to “legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana,” which it also describes as a way to “ensure that we keep marijuana out of the hands of children.”

The platform goes on to state: “We will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code, and create new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide it to minors, those who operate a motor vehicle while under its influence, and those who sell it outside of the new regulatory framework.”

So while the Liberals would like to legalize marijuana, they still plan to regulate and restrict its access, especially to minors.

A shot from the Conservative ad in Ming Pao.

“Liberals want to install illegal drug injection sites in your neighbourhoods.”

While we couldn’t find anything on covering the party’s stance on safe injection sites, Justin Trudeau has previously said that, yes, he is in favour of safe injection sites — along with the New Democrats and a Supreme Court of Canada ruling that said Insite saves lives, according to an article published in the Globe and Mail in August 2015.

Located in Vancouver, Insite is the only legal supervised drug injection site in Canada where visitors can inject themselves with heroin, cocaine and morphine.

And according to an article published in The Georgia Straight earlier this year, Trudeau also addressed the topic during a visit to UBC in March:

“I disagree with loosening any of the prohibition on harder drugs,” Trudeau said. “I think that there is much that we can and should be doing around harm reduction. Insite is a great model of that, and I certainly want to see more safe injection sites opened around the country. And I am firm on the fact marijuana needs to be controlled and regulated and that prohibition isn’t working. But I’m not in favour of loosening restrictions on harder drugs.”

So while Trudeau doesn’t appear to have concrete plans to open another safe injection site “in your neighbourhoods,” he does openly support Insite.

The office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper weighed in on the ad Tuesday evening, saying “Justin refuses to acknowledge the damage that drugs do to families and communities. He wants to allow the sale of marijuana in corner stores and increase the number of heroin injection sites, dangerously misguided policies that would only make drugs more accessible to our children.”

“Liberals want to legalize prostitution, have them open brothels in your neighbourhoods.”

An email to The Province from a Tory representative defends this claim by referencing Trudeau’s vote against Bill C-36 (which criminalizes the purchasing of sex) in October 2014. However, we haven’t found anything on that addresses opening “brothels in your neighbourhoods.”


Below, English translation at CTV News site –

“Liberal Party wants to make marijuana a legal drug that can be easily accessible for our children,” reads a translation of the ad provided to CTV News. “Liberal Party wants to set up legal drug injection sites around your alley.”

“Liberal Party wants to legalize prostitution and allow it in your community. This message does not match our [Conservative] value.”

My head hurts. Please Canada – stop Stephen Harper.

20 thoughts on “Liberals Attacked in Ming Pao

  1. The politics of fear is always messy. We just had an election in the UK where the Tory win was largely predicated on the fear about what Labour would do rather than wholehearted support for the Conservatives. But this is really messy.

  2. In the email, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press, Gagnier advises five TransCanada Corp. officials to target the right people in a new government as quickly as possible so they can help shape either Liberal or NDP decisions on a national energy strategy.

    Such a lobbying effort would be needed to ensure the planned “in-service” dates of projects like Energy East aren’t put at risk, the email said.

    Getting this “early entry point” in any revisions to the rules governing the National Energy Board “is sensitive,” but also an opportunity, it continues.

    “If the premiers and the new PM want investment and jobs, they will have to provide a lead and an efficient time-frame for getting this done,” Gagnier writes.

    Near the end of the message, he notes that energy companies needed to act “uniformly” to work with a new government if the Conservatives lose the election on Oct. 19.

    “An energy strategy for Canada is on the radar and we need a spear carrier for those in the industry who are part of the solution going forward rather than refusing to grasp the implications of a changing global reality,” the email reads.

    “The last point is critical as federal leadership and a discussion with premiers will take place early. This is where we can play and help them get things right.”

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