Canada –

Spare the “I’m not voting because no candidate inspires me” and “I’m going to spoil my ballot in protest”. Stop professing your conscience, or state of apathetic delusion somehow justifies an act of superior fictional morality.

Look at the face of Stephen Harper, ask yourself if all the highfalutin excuses in the world are worth keeping this man in power.

Put aside the asinine notion that “not voting” somehow makes you a folk hero. Grow up Canada, this election determines the future of our once great nation. This man has done everything possible to keep young voters away from the polls, prove him wrong. Vote to stop Stephen Harper.

(This is not an endorsement for the Liberal Party of Canada, their logo just happened to be attached to the image I wanted – vote strategically and make it count. Anything to stop Harper)

16 thoughts on “VOTE

    • In Vancouver a group of 25ish hipsters organized an advance voting extravaganza. They rented a couple of buses, recruited local hipster musicians to play live music on those buses, and drove around the city picking up people and delivering them to polling stations. There is hope. :).

  1. I wish I could vote! I’ve been an expat for the past ten years, and thanks to him, I can no longer vote. I’ll be back in Canada next year permanently, and will vote in every election after this. I have a great interest in exercising my right to vote.

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