Proof Hell Is Real

Up until a few minutes ago this video came wrapped in exhaustive commentary. Stepping away was all it took to come to my senses – no need to beat obvious on the head, it speaks for itself. Before clicking “play”, I’m obliged to inform sensitive viewers – clear young children from the room and proceed with caution. Scientific proof of hell is terrifying.

Majical Cloudz Silver Car Crash

Canadian singer/songwriter Devon Welsh and Matthew E. Duffy formed Majical Cloudz in Halifax, 2010.  In 2012 Welsh collaborated with Matthew Otto when he and Duffy parted ways. Categorized as “electronic indie-pop”, Majical Cloudz eludes simple generalization. Electronic – fair, yet insufficient. Indie – without question, “indie” collects oddballs regardless of genre. Critically acclaimed for all the right reasons, Majical Cloudz vied for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize. (A non-profit organization honouring creativity and diversity in Canadian music)

Silver Car Crash appears on their third album Are You Alone, released yesterday. A chance encounter on CBC radio this afternoon resulted in lingering ricochets of Silver Car Crash. Haunting, poignant, mesmerizing – a starkly beautiful love song.