Harper Song – Mr. Harper Goodbye

Dear Stephen Harper,

Tomorrow Canadian voices rejoice in song –

“Bye, bye Mr. Harper goodbye. With your psychopathic ways and your evil eye, if you had your way you’d bleed Canada dry. As a leader you don’t qualify, so Mr. Harper goodbye.”

5 thoughts on “Harper Song – Mr. Harper Goodbye

    • Oh my goodness, YES!!!!! Stephen Harper’s right wing talons are gone. Never in Canadian history have people come together in such a concerted effort as the “stop Harper” campaign. My daughter was in a high end restaurant on election night. A collective cheer rang out when waiters confirmed Trudeau’s victory and management gave every patron a complimentary “fuck you Harper” shot. (yes the normally polite Canadian manager actually shouted – free fuck you Harper shots) Canadians don’t behave this way unless one of our teams win the Stanley Cup.

      • Kewl!
        I love the sense I’ve always gotten from Canadian politics. I was sitting in a Montreal hotel the night of the last Quebecois secession vote and could not go to sleep. Stayed awake till, I dunno… must have been 2 a.m. watching the numbers go up and down and listening to the commentary.
        Yours ARE different from ours. 🙂

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