Bohemian Grove

The next time you ponder American politics, ponder Bohemian Grove


History is speckled with colourful tales surrounding the true mission of secret clubs and societies. From the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Friars Club, to Fred Flintstone with his secret water buffalo handshake – the “old boys” club has always attracted whispers. Without question human nature dictates that the excluded will spin tales.

Precisely why my pondering has landed squarely at the foot of “The Grove”. Bohemian Grove is an exclusive compound a short distance from San Francisco  Founded in 1872, every Republican and a few Democrat presidents since 1923, have been members. We’re talking FDR, Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton to name a few. Toss in CIA directors, heads of not only banks, but the Federal Reserve, military contractors, ( Halliburton ), oil men, railroad men, and nuclear utility CEO’s – you have quite the party.

Best known for a meeting of principals involved in the “Manhattan Project” – hence the atom bomb, it’s…

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