The purpose of terror is fear – unfathomable, incomprehensible, senseless fear. Terror feeds on chaos, it thrives on publicity, demands speculation and requires attention. Terrorism is an intolerable scourge on humanity, a blight requiring our full attention. That said – we have to stop being afraid.

The moment we give into fear, the instant we allow politicians to seize terrorist acts as fodder for personal agendas – is the moment fear wins. Don’t allow today’s abomination in Paris to become an excuse for political posturing. Dig deep. Muster the fortitude to honour Paris victims by calling bullshit on gun rights, Syrian refugees and hysterical anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Be horrified, angry and overwhelmed, but don’t be afraid. Wake up tomorrow with a sense of purpose, one that demands action without fear. Let politicians know you’re tired of being told what to fear, sick of twisted assertions gun slinging citizens could thwart attacks, and over shaking like a newborn kitten.


4 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Acts of terror like this take us past a lot of the rethoric: it takes straight into war. Europe has avoided massive armed conflict since the Second World War but I fear that the terror inflicted blood shed in Paris will set off a concerted campaign to eradicate barbaric jihadists from this earth.

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