When I  “publish” tonight, Notes celebrates 1,000 ponders. Agonizing all day over how that feels, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown and people I’ve met, struck me as cheesy. Then it hit me – 1,000 doesn’t want a parade, 1,000 feels like pondering Lego videos.

15 thoughts on “1,000

  1. Notes: if it weren’t for you I would never know about Lego videos! I’m not sure you have furthered my education — or set it back a decade. Anyway… congrats on your millennial. 🙂

  2. To my good friend Notes: congratulations on your 1000th Ponder! Here’s to the next 1000. I have difficulty keeping up with you – I am still returning to your post on the Voynich Manuscript in the vain hope that I can crack it.

    My Latvian friend, Aivars, died suddenly just about a year ago. He was a bit of a scribbler – zany short stories, never published, never blogged. He took it upon himself to write down as many puns as he could come up with. He used to email me three at a time in the form of questions and was delighted when I guessed a punch line. I congratulated him at 1000 and by the time he died he had assembled just over 2000. Do you think I should start a pun blog ( plog) in his honour? T

    • T. – Promise me this, if you crack Voynich, I’ll be the first person to hear about it. You never know, all it might take is fresh eyes unencumbered by conventional thinking. Take Yuri Knorozov, the Russian linguist who unlocked Maya script. He published a paper in 1952 that led to interpreting glyphs as phonetic components along with alphabetic/syllabic.
      As for Aivars – you often speak fondly of him, but never of his “punmanship”I’ve been after you for years to start blogging, so much so that I gave up, It would be difficult to think of a better tribute to Aivars, or a more fitting way to start blogging.(now my head is racing with more reasons you should blog)
      Your experiences, wealth of historical insight, ability to tell stories and the kick ass links you send me – beg for WordPress blog.
      I know you don’t work tomorrow – so get busy!

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