Son Of A Syrian Refugee

Would it surprise you to learn the son of a Syrian refugee is one of the most influential people in America? 1949 saw Syrian army officer Adib al-Shishakhli overthrow the government – a 3rd coup in that year alone. 1952, al-Shishakhli dissolves all political parties. Two years later a coup led by army officers ousted al-Shishakhli, returning Syria to a shaky state of civilian government power.

In 1954 Abdulfattah Jandali came to America as a Syrian political refugee. He worked as a taxi driver, and fell in love with an American woman who became pregnant. Her conservative parents forced the couple to part ways, giving the baby up for adoption. His adoptive parents named him Steven – the world knows him as Steve Jobs.

Abdulfattah Jandali looked to America for a better life. America, a nation of immigrants and refugees, a country built on hopes and dreams of countless people seeking freedom. The same nation capable of turning backs on theĀ  faces of these Syrian refugees, because all fear allows them to see is terrorists.