Spot The Station

The International Space Station is the third brightest object in the sky. Moving at 8 km/second,  ISS completes one orbit every 92 minutes. How fast is 8 km/second? Fire a rifle bullet at one end of a football field, ISS would be gone before that bullet reached 30 meters. Quick as ISS is, it can be seen much like a fast moving airplane, provided we know when to look up.

NASA takes all the guess work out of ISS identification with their Spot the Station app. Click on the link below, enter your location and view time, direction, angle and duration of ISS sightings for the next week. True or aspiring space geeks can sign up for text or email alerts. I have no prizes, just kudos and admiration for those who “spot the station” with their very own eyes.

One thought on “Spot The Station

  1. My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing ISS with our eyes, in 2011. We lived in Vancouver, WA, at the time, and found a perfect spot to watch it go overhead. It looked like a sparkling little ‘H’ when it whizzed past!

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