Ben Carson Jesus

Every so often something capable of shattering polite resolve comes my way. Try as I might, no measure of restraint equals the sentiment of scraping my brain off the wall. A painting in Ben Carson’s home detonated a splatter so explosive, its doubtful I’ll ever retrieve all pieces of blown mind.

I call the painting “bathrobe buddies”. I’m told the boys aren’t in bathrobes – Carson is shrouded in his Doctor’s coat, Jesus in resurrection robe – sorry, it looks like bathrobes to me.

The first public glimpse came in 2009 when Carson invited Baltimore Magazine into his Maryland mansion. The image below was taken in November 2014 by photographer Mark Makela – a tour of Carson’s eight bedroom, twelve bathroom home revealed columns decorated with gold leaf, and walls adorned with images of Carson.

Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist told Baltimore Magazine “I don’t have to be politically correct here”. He claims the great pyramids were built by the biblical prophet Joseph to store grain collected in “the seven years of plenty”. Great link below –

Whatever Ben Carson believes, however politically incorrect his home and notions may be, no matter how intently he waits for end times or conducts his life – the man is free to do so. The slope doesn’t become slippery until pondering Carson the Republican presidential candidate.

Carson’s Jesus painting hangs near a biblical quote inscribed on the wall.

“By Humanity and The Fear of The Lord Are Riches, Honor and Life”

Last week Carson called Syrian refugees “rabid dogs” – mighty Christian of you Mr. Carson. I wonder what Jesus might say.

14 thoughts on “Ben Carson Jesus

    • This non-American can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. According to polls, if the republican nomination was held today, Donald Trump would prevail without breaking a sweat. Trump – the man who claims he can “sense” terrorists, and wants to establish a Muslim registry. Yikes! In hindsight, who can forget that George W. Bush suggested “registering” all atheists. Sigh. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my lucky stars to be born in Canada. πŸ™‚

  1. I do wish all the GOP runners would recognise the constitutional separation of church and state. Mind you, not too hot on the Constitution are they? Who was that idiot the other day reckoning Jefferson signed it?

    • Don’t know about the Jefferson idiot (do know that Jefferson is the highest elected official to publicly report sighting a UFO – but that’s another story) As for the constitution, it’s like the bible – twist it to suit your purposes. Freedom of religion only applies to Christians, separation of church and state apparently violates that freedom. Yikes. πŸ™‚

      • The Constitution is very very specific in separation of church and state. If Carson wants to bring his evangelising into government, he’s going to have to change the Constitution.

      • If only it was that simple 😦 The Ben Carsons of this world exist in a realm beyond constitutional technicalities. Ponder republican senator James Inhofe, head of the senate committee for environment and public works.Last year Inhofe threw a snowball across the senate floor to prove climate change was a farce.-

        β€œGod is still up there, and He promised to maintain the seasons and that cold and heat would never cease as long as the earth remains.”
        Separation of church and state? My ass! πŸ™‚

        β€œThe arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous,” he said.

      • Holy crap! Think of the fuss right wing nincompoops made over Obama proving he wasn’t Muslim.As far as they’re concerned the constitution exists to separate non-Christians from matters of state.

  2. As a Christian, I am not so mind-blown by the picture. Jesus said his disciples were his brothers. Such psychological underpinning may be beneficial in some cases: it does not necessarily mean megalomania,

    I feel being Christian means taking the Gospel seriously, caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoners, seeing the whole World, especially the hated enemy, as my Neighbour. Others appear to disagree.

  3. If a presidential candidate wants to have paintings of himself (or several of them with his best imaginary buddy in bathrobes) on the walls in the privacy of his own home it might tell us that he suffers from narcissism, much like so many of the dictators throughout history whose faces have decorated all public spaces in the countries they ruled over, or it might not. This should be further investigated by the press, for the benefit of the voters.

    However, when a brain surgeon comes to tell the archaeologists and egyptologists, what the pyramids really are, it is akin to archaeologists and egyptologists coming to the operating theatre to tell the surgeon how to crack open a skull. I bet he would not appriciate that, and I bet none of his voters would prefer it, if they were the patients, or even close to the patients.

    It goes to demonstrate how someone can be brilliant in one field of life and a total nincompoop in a nother. A presidential leader of a superpower at very least, should have a bit more broad view on things, and need not even be brilliant at anything, if he is not also this extremely stupid about something not within his own expertise. A good leader relies on the expertise of others and recognizes who really is an expert, rather than has his own wild theories about stuff he has no clue about. This should apply even, if his views about the pyramids were somehow windicated, because a lucky guess is not much to go on…

    Scariest thing about Carson though, is that he believes the end of the world is nigh and that it is a good thing. For him to get hold of the doomsday weapons US has, seems a very dangerous proposition.

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