18 thoughts on “Two Photographs

  1. Notes β€” you need to erase that word from your vocabulary: β€œBest” !

    They both have their appeal for very different reasons. We can tell you which one we individually like but what kind of absolute values can we ever hope to apply to reality? It is what it is.

    #2 plays on the natural tendency of the human eye β€” to head for the brightest spot, and in the absence of the brightest spot to head for the darkest β€” and in this case there are two significant sections offering our eye both β€” or nearly so. The histogram stops short of white white, and black black, but gets close.

    #1 appeals to our human-ness. Words, thoughts, implications, alien-ness, even free flight β€” there are a lot of little triggers there that tug at the creature makes and remakes the earth in its image.

    What kind of person are we? What do we long for? What speaks to our wants and needs at this moment!

    These are both wonderful examples of street photography but the very nature of them as β€œstreet” photos reveals that which keeps me from doing much of it myself: I always want there to be less in each image and real life doesn’t give you the chance to see life that way. And taste, after all, is nothing if it is not individual.

    Lovely images. I vote for them both for different reasons. Just call me MugWump.

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