Snippets of Santa Claus Parade

Void of demands for propriety or explanation, photographs are conduits to an alternate reality. A thousand images taken by a thousand people at the exact same spot, result in a thousand interpretations of that moment in time. A thousand realities defining the blink of an eye.

Ponder this afternoon’s Santa Claus parade in Vancouver – a single point of view from my husband’s perspective.


One thought on “Snippets of Santa Claus Parade

  1. One of the curious things about watching the watchers is noticing how many people seem to be enjoying being there, and how many appear to be utterly sober. (not sober vs drunk, but sober vs amused vs irritated vs concerned, etc.. ) Not just in these images — but in general.
    Makes me wonder how much of entertainment (parades are included, aren’t they) are things we do out of boredom, tradition, vested interests rather than because we actually enjoy them???? I know I have a few of those — even though I keep trying NOT to give in to them.
    Even before retiring I had started cutting out things that I simply did not enjoy and it has been amazing how much more pleasant life has become.

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