Pondering hysteria over refugees made me think of ProFunc – fear is a powerful political weapon…..


It never fails; every time I settle into a warm, fuzzy, proud to be Canadian state of mind – something comes along to make me say “holy crap”. Cold War shenanigans are understandable, hardly earth shattering is the concept of Communist or anti-Communist sentiments. Without a doubt, the Cold War fostered a level of paranoia unmatched – with the possible exception of post 9/11 fear – the Cold War reigns as the big daddy of propaganda, paranoia and  dread.

ProFunc (Prominent Functionaries of the Communist Party) was a top secret program carried out by the Canadian government and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to identify and intern Communists, Communist sympathizers, and their families. In 1950, RCMP Commissioner Stuart Taylor Wood spear headed ProFunc, complete with arrest document C-215; a form filled out with information on 16,000 “Communists” and an estimated 50,000 “sympathizers”. These citizens were often under surveillance – form…

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