A few minutes ago I heard what sounded like a loud explosion, at the same time items on the dresser top swayed as my windows rattled and blinds smacked the glass. It only lasted a few seconds, yet felt like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I ran out of the room, husband runs up the stairs, phone starts bellowing texts – “what the hell” “was that an earthquake?”

Not like any earthquake I’ve ever felt – my first thoughts were an explosion at the gas station 10 blocks away, or a massive propane tank explosion. Earthquakes are supposed to roll, not buckle your knees with audible concussion while tossing possessions about. The last Vancouver earthquake on my radar came 14 years ago – middle son stayed home from school with a cold, we were watching TV on my bed when I said “stop jiggling the bed” . Son replies “we’re having an earthquake, look at the door Mom”. Sure enough, bedroom door is swaying back and forth.

Within 15 minutes, the USGS confirmed an earthquake 18 Km NNE of Victoria B.C. – initial magnitude reported at 4.8. Downgraded since to a 4.3, does nothing to quell the jolt in my home at 11:39 pm. Pacific rim – you have my full attention.

The “big one”, predicted and long overdue in the pacific northwest would be 15,000 times more powerful than this evening’s shake-up. Anyone who felt it and doesn’t have an emergency plan or emergency kit – needs their head examined.



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