Polar Bear Swim, Fog and Notes

A photo diary of random images, all taken by my husband during the past week. First up, the Polar Bear Swim at English Bay in Vancouver –

Next, Vancouver’s iconic foggy winter nights –

Finally – Notes dipping unceremoniously under a beached tree at French Beach near Sooke on Vancouver Island.


4 thoughts on “Polar Bear Swim, Fog and Notes

  1. What a way to bring in the New Year…yikes, I’d worry about shrinkage. A great post to ring in the New Year, the best to you in the New Year ~ cheers to a great 2016.

  2. The polar bear swim was always a big thing in Wisconsin. Not for me, mind you, but in the news! 🙂

    But the fog…. how I miss the Oregon fog since leaving. So similar I think to yours but so very different from what we have in Wisconsin (and most of the other places we’ve been).

    Happy New Year and hoping you get a little break from parties to recharge your personal energizer cells. 🙂

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