Dear America,

I ask that each and every one of you view this video with fresh eyes. Take as much time as you need to clear minds of trending opinion, political affiliation, twitter feeds, partisan news sources, peer pressure, watering hole back slaps, NRA doctrine or simmering mistrust of Barack Obama. Watch privately without fear of judgement, disruptive rhetoric or opinionated guffaws. Watch with eyes open to long forgotten tendrils of hope , imagination and pride in the nation you call home. Above all – watch as a human being. One who values common sense and decency over hysterical propaganda. Watch as an individual, a citizen of the United States of America willing to call bat shit on profit driven gun lobbies. Watch and be brave enough to speak your conscience. Watch with the realization your nation’s future depends on people like you. Citizens with courage to grasp the fact your President isn’t trying to dismantle constitutional rights to arms. Watch quietly then ask yourself – why are you afraid?