Dear America,

I ask that each and every one of you view this video with fresh eyes. Take as much time as you need to clear minds of trending opinion, political affiliation, twitter feeds, partisan news sources, peer pressure, watering hole back slaps, NRA doctrine or simmering mistrust of Barack Obama. Watch privately without fear of judgement, disruptive rhetoric or opinionated guffaws. Watch with eyes open to long forgotten tendrils of hope , imagination and pride in the nation you call home. Above all – watch as a human being. One who values common sense and decency over hysterical propaganda. Watch as an individual, a citizen of the United States of America willing to call bat shit on profit driven gun lobbies. Watch and be brave enough to speak your conscience. Watch with the realization your nation’s future depends on people like you. Citizens with courage to grasp the fact your President isn’t trying to dismantle constitutional rights to arms. Watch quietly then ask yourself – why are you afraid?


13 thoughts on “Watch

  1. It’s embarrassing that as a citizen I have to watch so many of my fellow citizens enraged by bigotry and hatred who have never ever listened to the man — now that he’s President, or before he became President! The fact that he is Black closed their eyes to him before they ever heard a single word and I do not expect that to ever change.

    If he had been a warrior — another Colin Powell — perhaps the First Black President might have been a very different national experience. But he was not and that is a second reason he’s hated. He doesn’t fit the mold we expect of our leaders.

    And of course there is the fact that he symbolizes a quantum change in social policy. Had he been successful with his social agenda the so-called Work Ethic would be dead and Entitlements would have become the way of the world for the U.S. citizen. He has been thwarted on much that he wanted to do on that account but even before his election it was clear that an Obama administration stood as a real threat not just to big business, but to people who thought you ought to have to work for what you get, and not have it handed to you. Regardless of how workable that concept is; regardless of the disadvantaged people who can’t work that system — he flew in the face of too many sacred cows or chicken or fish (if I’m allowed to mix my metaphors. 🙂

    That it was a good, maybe a great speech, no one will ever really care about. Not down here south of the border. And I have no idea how that ever can change….

    one sad american

    • A strange thing happened to this sad Canadian tonight – out of the blue it dawned on me that once Obama’s term is over – I honestly don’t care anymore. It’s difficult for anyone who doesn’t know me well to understand just how devastating a revelation this was. I’ve spent a lifetime believing that America’s rancor would pass.A lifetime of caring because even as a Canadian, I grew up believing in the promise of America.
      Obama is a great man, a visionary like Theodore Roosevelt, a man who might have changed the world if people weren’t so stupid.
      I’ll never understand America but one thing for sure – I don’t care anymore.I don’t care who the next president is, I don’t care if it’s Trump, I don’t care if Clinton is elected and the following day sour grapes numskulls try to impeach her. I just don’t care, and that’s incredibly sad.

      • I completely understand and in many respects I share your feelings. I gave up thinking that it mattered about three presidents ago. There is so much in-fighting that whomever has the office will always be inhibited in any agenda he might have. We have chosen paralysis. We have chosen Capitalism and a world were everything is for sale to the highest bidder who won’t ever be me.
        I don’t think anyone ever conceived the EVIL that Capitalism would become because no one wanted to think that humankind was as greedy as we have proven to be.

        That Obama’s vision was doomed to failure from the outset was clear before his election. But what he was proved to be an incredible mobilizer — so he could get the votes to get elected but could not get the votes to get sufficient cronies (word used advisedly) to help him get his agenda through. So you have a visionary who sees a very different U.S. than more than 50% of the populace want and there’s no way to succeed.

        Why anyone would Want that job under the current climate is beyond me.

        Take heart — we can still manage to kill off most of the planet and those who remain can start all over again.

  2. The people who you address the question to won’t answer, nor will they follow your polite suggestions before watching the video.
    Hate is hate is hate…and fear is the main ingredient of hate, supposedly.

    Pose this question / contemplation to a Stormfront member, or a Sons / Daughters of the Confederacy associate, and see how far you get in a conversation.

    For that matter, your resident atheist commenter from South Africa has some interesting opinions on race and ‘ignorance!’

    No easy answers, here. For the record, Canadians are just as hateful as we here in the U.S.A. You all just hide it…minimally better.

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