Norbert Zerbes

Ponder inexplicable coincidence, a tale of odd circumstance that began with the name Norbert Zerbes. A few days ago a friend emailed the following….

“I had a very odd WordPress related encounter yesterday while searching for the name ‘Norbert Zorbes’ on Google.   Norbert, as his business card proclaims, is ‘The German Watchmaker’.    Uli put me on to him when I had problems with my watch a year or two ago.    I had to hunt him down then because he had moved his shop from where Uli thought it was.   He works now out of a tiny shop/office in a tiny arcade fronted by a coffee shop on Homer at Davie.  Last summer he fixed my sister’s slate clock ( a sentimental treasure from English Lakeland)  which I brought over from Sechelt and he also quickly and cheaply fixed problems with two watches of mine.  At Christmas I learned that the hour hand on my sister’s clock had come loose and was hanging down at 6 o’clock.   I brought it back with me again  –  but I could not find Norbert’s business card to confirm his opening hours and the new location.
As an aside,  this man is the very best in the now rare calling of watchmaker and watch repairs.   If you ever have trouble with a watch or a clock,  be they high end or Timex,  take it to him.  Business card pic attached.
A Google search quickly found the man.  I took the clock to him yesterday and he quickly fixed it free of charge as well as giving me an opinion on my grandfather’s pocket watch ( recently given to me by my sister,  along with its original 1921 receipt!)  He said it was worn out and not worth fixing, as even $500 spent restoring it would result in a pocket watch which kept poor time.
While glancing through the several entries on Google, including a lot of great reviews, I noticed a WordPress entry which made me curious   (linked below).  I opened the link and my interest was immediately piqued by the story.  It appeared to be quite long and well written.  What could this be,  I thought?  Another review, more wordy than the others?  A tribute to the man?  Some unusual background story about his watchmaking skills?    I read on with continuing interest   ……    and then in growing amazement,   finally disbelief!     How could someone write this?   Why would they write it about a deliberately named and unmistakably real living person  –   right next to business listing and reviews of his work.”
Yesterday, I found time to click on friend’s link – holy crap. ( link below )
I left WordPresser greenmansvoice a message. This morning he replied – “Wow ! You mean there is a real Norbert Zerbes, watchmaker!?!”