Bernie Sanders For President

As Bernie Sanders campaign for Democratic presidential candidate builds steam, I find myself pondering why America needs a social democrat president. America is at a crossroads, one littered with flotsam of contentious bickering and abysmal direction. Realities of twice elected Barrack Obama falling victim to obliterating waves of right wing propaganda, can’t eradicate a simple truth. Convoluted as the American political system may be, a majority of citizens voted to elect a Democrat for president. Not once but twice – in my mind that speaks volumes.

Obama failed to smarten America up because right wing alarmists had a field day with trivial diversions. Substance mattered less than hysterical fear mongering accusations. Despite majority’s voice, Obama didn’t stand a chance. Right wing media convinced scores of citizens their president was actually Muslim, a man with secret agendas aimed at introducing Sharia law. Propaganda convinced lunk-heads to dig trenches, to bluster asinine anti Obama rhetoric – for no other reason than he was black, with Hussein as his middle name.

That same majority faces a critical decision – Hillary or Bernie?  Majority must consider repercussions of screwing up, majority means squat if the outcome ignites a replay of Obama’s fate. Electing Hillary guarantees a presidential term clouded by frivolous controversy. Right wing hot heads are poised for a repeat performance of diversionary tactics. A majority vote for Clinton, amounts to handing good intentions to nincompoops on a silver platter. Already they’re calling for impeachment of Clinton (if elected ) based on the email scandal and Benghazi.

Democrats can elect the next president, but it has to be one without baggage. It isn’t enough to vote Democrat. America is in serious trouble, majority recognized this by twice electing Obama. Time has come for majority to retake a floundering nation, to stand up and say I want change, a majority willing to radically alter right wing ideology by daring to embrace unfamiliar territory. What’s wrong with socialized policies, what harm comes from breaking free of antiquated shackles? Be fearless, take a leap of faith and nominate Bernie Sanders.



12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders For President

  1. The people in the U.S want a socialist as a president? Go ahead, the same population will burry themselves. Having born and lived in Spain with the Socialist governing for most of our 40 years of democracy, I know what happens so if the Americans want to give it a try, go ahead. In couple of years the middle class disappears, the rich flee the country since they are not going to pay 90-95% of the income, the oportunities from starting in the bottom and stepping up the ladder goes off the window, I can go on forever. Would be quite the tragedy to see what I seen in the U.S when I was back there to become a European style socialist country, but hey! I´m not the citizen there, but eventually since it is a global economy it will impact my country for the negative, my country and all countries, really the whole world not only economically but in security.

    • As a Canadian, I use the term socialist from a vastly different perspective.Reference to Bernie Sanders as a social democrat refers to his position on health care. As someone living in a country with universal healthcare I support not for profit medicine. I’m not implying an end to democracy, I do however believe profit driven objectives undermine social justice and common good in certain sectors.

  2. Oh my dear friend. Too bad Majority has no consciousness.

    Bernie is one of the reasons the financial markets are as skittish as they are. Wall Street hates uncertainty; Wall Street hates those who don’t buy into the popular MBA financial frame of mind. Majority could elect someone they think might ‘save’ us and effectively throw the economy into a tailspin because them-that’s-got aren’t going to be happy giving to them-that’s-not.

    I’m surprised that Sanders campaign has done as well as it has. Considering the push for change the idea of electing yet another aging-white-guy seems so counter-intuitive… but then so does electing a wing-nut like Trump. I’m not very impressed by Marjority’s track record in the past half dozen elections.

    • Sigh, from an optimistic left wing Canadian whom however naive, believes Sanders rising popularity reflects majority speaking for radical change.Them-that-got don’t represent majority.(it was announced today that the 62 richest people in the world held the same wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest) Maybe the time has come for majority to organize – elect an elderly white left wing president, take control of the senate, congress etc. and hunker down for a period of hysterical backlash. Wall Street is a insular, back slapping old boy’s club whose interests boil down to lining corporate coffers. The 1% has had a good ride – majority pays the price.
      Universal health care works, fair taxation bolsters education and infrastructure. Another sigh.
      Obviously my overly simplistic rantings don’t capture economic repercussions of Bernie Sanders as president. That said – majority shouldn’t be afraid to try a new mindset in America.

      • I’m fascinated by this current election cycle. I can’t stand to LISTEN to much of it but the stakes are so high and the choices are so bizarre and I never had much faith in anything built by committee — including government.
        I suspect my feelings have been adversely affected by my time at the USFS — while our immediate boss was the best boss I ever had — the attitude of the rest of the government workers — and the shear idiocy of what I finally realized is the ‘bureaucratic mind’ truly frightened me.
        Our structure is a lot different from the former USSR, or Egypt, or any of the places that were affected by the Arab Spring or the falling of the Iron Curtain. I think revolution here will be very different than revolution there. But who knows….. I sure don’t.

      • Hey, you have an open invitation to winter in Canada.Our dollar closed today at 68 cents against the U.S. buck.Head north across the border and watch it play out from the comfort of a Canadian perspective, while enjoying over 30% more buying power. 🙂

      • Both the tanking dollar and the rising cost of extra-territorial healthcare! Know a few people who have sold on-site RV’s because of that

  3. I am a Democrat who plans to vote for Bernie Sanders in the New York primary election.

    I think Sanders once really was a radical, but now his socialism consists of little more that enforcing the laws against financial fraud, enforcing the anti-trust laws, copying Canada’s universal Medicare program and restoring the New Deal-era social safety net.

    True, by today’s standards, anything that goes against the interests of Wall Street or the Pentagon is considered radical. Hillary Clinton, based on her record and her sources of financial support, would serve the interests of the oligarchy and the military.

    The radical right is obsessed with Clinton, but for reasons that are the opposite of what she is. If I were mere paranoid than I am, I would say that the attacks on the Clintons and on President Obama are intended to give them cover for their actual policies.

    Bernie Sanders, if he were nominated, would be the subject of attacks at least as virulent as those against Obama, the Clintons, Al Gore and any other prominent Democrat.

    My hope is, and the reason I intend to vote for him, is that he might do something to deserve those attacks (from the right’s point of view).

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