Winter’s Wolf Moon

The stuff of ancient mythology, moon lore steeps in primal beginnings. On January 24, 2016 a full Wolf Moon speaks to a time when celestial observance marked the passing of days. A time when hearts leapt, minds acknowledged seasonal progressions and futures revolved around cosmic events.

First full moon each year – the Wolf Moon, resonates with awareness of ancient folklore. Ponder clusters of Algonquin or Iroquois encased in winter’s fury. Hear packs of marauding wolves punctuate eternal nights, howls sung as taunting pleas to dare cross their ravenous path.

First link below image – names and folklore of each full moon. Below that – a link to wolf moon calculator and resource to all things moon.

4 thoughts on “Winter’s Wolf Moon

  1. Oh geez…. I’m an old guy and I can hardly remember my OWN name and now I have to remember the names of the moon too? What is life coming to!

    I’m just glad I’m not living outside in my wickiup or teepee freezing my patootie off whilst staring at the moon.

    BTW — they say it snowed in Jacksonville FL yesterday — about 100 miles from us.

    • You don’t have to remember aboriginal origins of mythological moon names, but oh man – does it ever feel great to howl with wild abandon once you know what you’re howling at.( I’ve been known to howl at a wolf moon or two ) At the end of January I’m going to visit family in Saskatchewan. Just below my sister’s house is a river valley frequented by bastions of Canadian wildlife. If I’m lucky ice fog and minus 40 degree weather will be serenaded with plaintiff wolf calls. Sigh.

      • I’m good at howling at the moon (and not even a wolf moon — sometimes it just feels good to howl!) Have fun with family — I remember some of your other ponders about family and each one is different and that’s a good thing.

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