I Could Stand In The Middle of Fifth Ave. and Shoot Somebody

Disdain for Donald Trump is a given. Considerably less definable – who those responsible for his meteoric rise in popularity might be. Daily media coverage peppered with Trump’s reckless brand of flippant arrogance, persist without thought or mention of citizens urging him on. Trump announced presidential aspirations with the slogan – “make America great again”. What crossed the minds of his boisterous supporters? Who are these people and why do they embrace “great” as a nation prescribed by Donald Trump? On January 23, 2016 Trump spoke to supporters in Sioux Center Iowa –

“They say I have the most loyal people — did you ever see that? — where I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Trump said, illustrating his point by pulling his fingers into a gun shape. “Okay? It’s like incredible.”

The crowd laughed and clapped, and someone in the audience shouted out love for the candidate.

“We love you, too, man,” Trump said.

I can’t be alone in pondering who loves Donald Trump. Clearly Trump supporters care little for healing America’s domestic woes. The concept of “great” eludes rabid Trumpsters bent on exclusion, racial divide, chest pounding exhibitions of military might, simplistic fantasies of global domination, asinine delusions of closed borders snuffing terrorism and gun toting citizens preventing violence.

The audacity of Trump flippantly mocking gun violence, sentiment applauded by a throng of “great” Americans. Trump supporters wouldn’t recognize greatness if it smacked them in the face. Why hasn’t media admonished Trumpsters for complicit involvement in undermining the fabric of American ideals? Why has media ignored implication of who these people are, and what they stand for? Why do we cluck and blither over Trump, nary a thought to scores of misguided “patriots” egging him on?


24 thoughts on “I Could Stand In The Middle of Fifth Ave. and Shoot Somebody

  1. I have yet to understand any of the appeal of this guy. While I find myself saying that about a lot of politicians Trump is the worst case scenario in my lifetime. He has to be striking some kind of harmonic with the bigotry and malice in a lot of people.

    At first I thought that people were supporting him to spoof the other candidates — hoping someone more to the point would rise up and find their place in the intercourse of politics — but when that didn’t happen and yet Trump seemed to get stronger I realized that these people actually thought he was a good idea — that he had good ideas?

    If you remember the cacophony that accompanied the Arab Spring — lots of things happening at once, hard to discern any voice who know what was happening, and institutions crumbling all around — it’s as if Trump is the bizarre defense this society is putting up to stop what extremists see as the crumbling of their society. It’s truly scary. Mostly because they seem to be serious.

  2. What worries me about all this is the ability of otherwise good people to switch their support to such a dangerous lunatic as Trump. I grew up believing in good guys and bad guys and although I gave up on that at the age of 10, I still wanted to be believe that some countries were good and others bad. Soviet Union was bad and America was good. If Trump makes it to the White House than America will have become a seriously bad guy. I will have to accept that my last vestige of innocence will have evaporated. How sad.

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