Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

WordPresser geneticfractals countered my “go to when grumpy” video – with one of his own. His gesture demands a ponder of nature, beauty and gratitude. I’ll spare readers a paragraph of sentimental blithering and get to the point – watch this video.

Stewing in juices of media induced hysteria, lousy work days, suffocating family pressures or contentious topical bickering – inexplicably evaporate with entrance into the realm of beauty and wonder. Which form respite takes is a personal matter, awe can’t be prescribed. Constantly percolating in each and every one of us – all we have to do is listen.

Pondering nature, beauty, gratitude or galactic proportions might not be your ticket to temporary inner peace, the vehicle delivering fleeting calm or stimulus behind taking stock of priorities. All I know is stress has to be released – nature, beauty, gratitude delivers in spades.

6 thoughts on “Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

  1. I’m with you on this one. Gratitude does wonderful things when we need to regain perspective on our life.

    As nice as it is to see pictures of people smiling — the act of gratitude does more to put a smile on my own face, where the challenges of life sometimes have stolen away my smile — than pretty much anything else.

    You’d think in retirement you wouldn’t have stress, but stress remains one’s companion as long as we are alive. Just the topics change. And so do the reasons for gratitude.

  2. This video always grounds me. The first time I watched it with a colleague at work. We watched as in a trance and the world of business and stress around us just melted away. I have watched it countless times since.

    As did my colleague. He passed away just a few months ago, after a fight with cancer. Afterwards I spoke with his widow and she told me that this was one of his favorite videos. It reminded him why he was still here fighting and grateful for his wife, daughters and family and friends.

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