Americans Behind Trump

Promising abstinence, vowing to resist ponders of Donald Trump – came to a grinding halt with release of a Public Policy Poll. It’s one thing to characterize loose generalizations of citizens behind Trump, to shudder and cluck, convinced he”ll go away because surely people aren’t that stupid. Quite another to digest the mindset of Trump support when faced with cold hard facts.

I use the term “fact” lightly, cognoscente of poll inaccuracies, partisan manipulation and respondents. That said, results of Public Policy’s South Carolina Poll released February 16, strike me as bang on.

South Carolina Republicans, name any demographic from evangelicals, non- evangelicals, men, women, seniors, young voters, “somewhat” to “very” conservative – consistently support Trump with a 40% share, compared to Cruz at 20%, 16% for Rubio. No surprise – South Carolina supports Trump – but who are these supporters?

A whopping 70% believe the Confederate flag should fly at the state capital. 38% wish the South had won the Civil War (24% are content with the North, 38% “aren’t sure”). Across all Republican voters, 36% are happy with the North’s victory, 30% pine for the South, yet only Trump supporters “wish” the South had won.

By an 80/9 spread, voters support Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country.Toss in 62/23 support among Trumpsters to create a national Muslim database, and 40/36 support for closing all mosques in America. 33% of citizens for Trump believe the practice of Islam should be illegal. Not pig headed enough – 31% support a ban on homosexuals entering America.

More disturbing than contemplation of black and white statistics, is the realization – it was Donald Trump who lanced America’s festering boil. Lessor nincompoops tried – battalions of righteous evangelicals, robotic politicians bought and paid without a shred of consideration for common goals, fear mongering media propagandists dishing misinformation and hysteria, self serving corporate sycophants, manipulative think tanks – all they could do was set the stage.

Until the moment Donald Trump’s grotesque emergence struck a twisted chord, sane America held its own. Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it better. A plot twist of exquisite simplicity – overnight a rich celebrity buffoon machetes his path to glory. A man of indifference, ignorance, exclusion and hubris. Unconcerned with matters of propriety, correctness, common decency or fact – like minded Americans exhaled a collective breath. Palpable tension released, Trump managed to vindicate millions of muzzled “patriots”. Thank this ignoramus for setting America back, decades of progress lost in one fell swoop.

14 thoughts on “Americans Behind Trump

  1. Trump personifies what so much of the American public really believe.
    If he wins he will truly be representative and the US will have finally dropped its underpants for all the world to see its arse and what the Land of The Free (sic) is all about.

    I look on with baited breath and a sort of eyes wide, horror-filled morbid curiosity.

    One half of me sincerely hopes that he gets in. It will be utterly insane and maybe it will teach the world to wake up and smell the bullshit once and for all.
    But, then again, I doubt it.


  2. Things are coming to a pretty pass when a Bush looks like a moderate. I suspect that the GOP will take Trump out, then say had he been armed he could have killed the hitman first.
    Fuck me, the most powerful nation on earth has become and international laughing stock.

  3. When people get sufficiently fed up they’ll pick the most absurd choices to make their point…. to wit, “cutting off one’s nose to spite their face.” That it’s D.T. who happened to be in view when a lot of people finally lost patience, faith, their minds and decided to react with the only option offered them is scary. But it’s not like those same disillusioned souls were offered a lesser evil to choose. It was establishment or madness that they could choose between.
    I want to hope that the GOP will take Trump out but stranger things have happened…

  4. Aside from the worse than disturbing numbers, is it me or is Trump sporting a more hawkish haircut? He may be ringing bells with extreme nationalists but he also has unlimited funds for marketing, communication and coaching. This is insane.


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