What Progress?

Yesterday, a discussion on Quora pertained to debate over far right wing American ideals. Hot off a ponder on Donald Trump, my comment suggesting runaway conservatism undermined decades of hard won progress, elicited this response –

“What progress? Paying lazy people to do nothing? Is that what you call progress? Allowing undocumented foreigners to overwhelm the US’s borders to introduce interesting new diseases to the U.S. population? Progress in sustainable alternate energy; like turning corn into ethanol to power cars and other motorized machines while at the same time contributing to the starvation of millions of people who used to get that corn for food? Is that progress? It seems to me that the only “actions” I’ve seen in the past few decades are perverted examples of social liberal progress that resulted in health insurance for people who don’t pay for it; homosexuals being able to get married for the federal tax benefits; my tax money being used to support thugs and terrorists who enter the country illegally and subsidized housing and loans that ruined the economy. You call that progress? The only true progress I’ve seen is tremendous scientific progress in automation, robotics and understanding of the universe. None of that has been unraveled so far; thankfully.”

Full of piss and vinegar, stewing in juices of condemnation, vowing to respect sanity by resisting temptation to dabble in places I ought to avoid, poised to forsake further affirmation right wing America hailed from a bat shit dimension, one whose elusive comprehension wasn’t helping my blood pressure – I found myself pondering the last sentence. Intrigue sparked faint impressions of “hang on, not so fast”, that last bit doesn’t fit.

Curiosity in full command, a click on author’s profile tugged predictable down a rabbit hole faster than shut the fuck up crossed my lips. Retired army veteran with 20 years service, 67 years old, gun club member, degree in psychology from University of Maryland, worked as photo-journalist and newspaper editor, life long obsession with science fiction novels, orthodox Jewish father, devout Catholic mother, atheist since the age of 14. Damn rabbit hole, stop screwing with me! Tell me who actually penned this “what progress” dribble.

One truth about rabbit holes – beyond maniacal attempts to distort reality, they never tell a lie. I’m left to dust off rabbit dander – in truth, a welcome distraction from an imminent reassessment of  membership in the right wing club of America.