Trump Follower?

Watch and ponder the unscripted reality of right wing America.Raw footage exposing the underbelly of conservative values propaganda, a chilling reminder – fear is a powerful weapon.

Nan's Notebook

A Muslim man who was involved in a minor traffic mishap tries to apologize to the other driver … and this was her reaction. (The incident was recorded on the man’s phone.)

You can read more here. The article says the incident occurred in Alaska, but one of the people who left a comment said it happened in No. Carolina.

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One thought on “Trump Follower?

  1. Funny, I would have lumped her in with Hillary. Do you lump everyone that likes Trump in with that driver’s nasty attitude? When I was a young nurse I had a lot of male patients and male visitors hit on me because they thought all nurses were nothing more than a whore in a white uniform (Yes, a few guys were sweet enough to tell me that!). I’m a born-again Christian and have taken care of people of many religions, including Muslim. I’ve even taken care of people like her–the ones that hate and ridicule anything different from what they believe. Honestly, her type was harder to take care of. 🙂

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