Closed Minds For Closed Borders

A recent post by WordPresser nobodysreadingme – – weakened foundations of my “will not to ponder Trump” tower. As the title suggests, “How To Be An American and Confuse a Brit”, details point by point observations of American absurdity, laugh out loud nuggets lampooning American hubris. No big deal, had a good chuckle. Settle down Notes, you can do it, steady, breath, willpower, happy thoughts – don’t create a foundation for Trump out of unrelated bat shit.

Willpower prevailed for 24 hours, a day of Trump free bliss ambushed by nobodysreadingme latest post – Screw it! I’m freaking reading you, now look what you’ve done! Not 5 minutes later I’m watching this video. Subjecting myself to a harsh reality – Trump talk isn’t enough, we have to diagnose this disease.

3 thoughts on “Closed Minds For Closed Borders

  1. Not all Americans like Trump, but it seems that a lot of non-Americans believe that we do…go figure.
    It’s easy to call names from behind a monitor, no?

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