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Watch and ponder the unscripted reality of right wing America.Raw footage exposing the underbelly of conservative values propaganda, a chilling reminder – fear is a powerful weapon.

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A Muslim man who was involved in a minor traffic mishap tries to apologize to the other driver … and this was her reaction. (The incident was recorded on the man’s phone.)

You can read more here. The article says the incident occurred in Alaska, but one of the people who left a comment said it happened in No. Carolina.

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What Progress?

Yesterday, a discussion on Quora pertained to debate over far right wing American ideals. Hot off a ponder on Donald Trump, my comment suggesting runaway conservatism undermined decades of hard won progress, elicited this response –

“What progress? Paying lazy people to do nothing? Is that what you call progress? Allowing undocumented foreigners to overwhelm the US’s borders to introduce interesting new diseases to the U.S. population? Progress in sustainable alternate energy; like turning corn into ethanol to power cars and other motorized machines while at the same time contributing to the starvation of millions of people who used to get that corn for food? Is that progress? It seems to me that the only “actions” I’ve seen in the past few decades are perverted examples of social liberal progress that resulted in health insurance for people who don’t pay for it; homosexuals being able to get married for the federal tax benefits; my tax money being used to support thugs and terrorists who enter the country illegally and subsidized housing and loans that ruined the economy. You call that progress? The only true progress I’ve seen is tremendous scientific progress in automation, robotics and understanding of the universe. None of that has been unraveled so far; thankfully.”

Full of piss and vinegar, stewing in juices of condemnation, vowing to respect sanity by resisting temptation to dabble in places I ought to avoid, poised to forsake further affirmation right wing America hailed from a bat shit dimension, one whose elusive comprehension wasn’t helping my blood pressure – I found myself pondering the last sentence. Intrigue sparked faint impressions of “hang on, not so fast”, that last bit doesn’t fit.

Curiosity in full command, a click on author’s profile tugged predictable down a rabbit hole faster than shut the fuck up crossed my lips. Retired army veteran with 20 years service, 67 years old, gun club member, degree in psychology from University of Maryland, worked as photo-journalist and newspaper editor, life long obsession with science fiction novels, orthodox Jewish father, devout Catholic mother, atheist since the age of 14. Damn rabbit hole, stop screwing with me! Tell me who actually penned this “what progress” dribble.

One truth about rabbit holes – beyond maniacal attempts to distort reality, they never tell a lie. I’m left to dust off rabbit dander – in truth, a welcome distraction from an imminent reassessment of  membership in the right wing club of America.

Americans Behind Trump

Promising abstinence, vowing to resist ponders of Donald Trump – came to a grinding halt with release of a Public Policy Poll. It’s one thing to characterize loose generalizations of citizens behind Trump, to shudder and cluck, convinced he”ll go away because surely people aren’t that stupid. Quite another to digest the mindset of Trump support when faced with cold hard facts.

I use the term “fact” lightly, cognoscente of poll inaccuracies, partisan manipulation and respondents. That said, results of Public Policy’s South Carolina Poll released February 16, strike me as bang on.

South Carolina Republicans, name any demographic from evangelicals, non- evangelicals, men, women, seniors, young voters, “somewhat” to “very” conservative – consistently support Trump with a 40% share, compared to Cruz at 20%, 16% for Rubio. No surprise – South Carolina supports Trump – but who are these supporters?

A whopping 70% believe the Confederate flag should fly at the state capital. 38% wish the South had won the Civil War (24% are content with the North, 38% “aren’t sure”). Across all Republican voters, 36% are happy with the North’s victory, 30% pine for the South, yet only Trump supporters “wish” the South had won.

By an 80/9 spread, voters support Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country.Toss in 62/23 support among Trumpsters to create a national Muslim database, and 40/36 support for closing all mosques in America. 33% of citizens for Trump believe the practice of Islam should be illegal. Not pig headed enough – 31% support a ban on homosexuals entering America.

More disturbing than contemplation of black and white statistics, is the realization – it was Donald Trump who lanced America’s festering boil. Lessor nincompoops tried – battalions of righteous evangelicals, robotic politicians bought and paid without a shred of consideration for common goals, fear mongering media propagandists dishing misinformation and hysteria, self serving corporate sycophants, manipulative think tanks – all they could do was set the stage.

Until the moment Donald Trump’s grotesque emergence struck a twisted chord, sane America held its own. Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it better. A plot twist of exquisite simplicity – overnight a rich celebrity buffoon machetes his path to glory. A man of indifference, ignorance, exclusion and hubris. Unconcerned with matters of propriety, correctness, common decency or fact – like minded Americans exhaled a collective breath. Palpable tension released, Trump managed to vindicate millions of muzzled “patriots”. Thank this ignoramus for setting America back, decades of progress lost in one fell swoop.

Return Of Spring Spider

Happenstance anticipated my return from work, facilitating discovery of bathroom and bedroom spiders within moments of each other. Bathroom spider came first, announcing herself with curtsied flare through a tiny vent on the window frame. An unmistakable presence, expressed in polite display of her polished black belly. “Good evening spider” made it official – Spring had arrived. Mindful of missed signals or misinterpretation, bedroom spider stood in brazen watch beneath the sill. Not to be upstaged by bathroom spider, bedroom spider presented her lustrous belly with measures of respectful confidence. “Lovely to see you again” solidified Spring’s early return.

Steatoda Grossa (False Black Widow) moved in a few years ago. Skeptical at first, unclear over motive, manners or intent, we eyed each other with uneasy caution. Awed by their work ethic, meticulous awareness of spacial boundaries and indifference towards exploration – we made peace. A declaration stipulating acceptance based on one condition – land speculation is out of the question, build comfortable homes and stay put. A workable truce, broken once last summer by a second cheeky bedroom spider who went rogue, never to be seen again.

Be it bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or laundry room spider –  as if by command, they vanish at first signs of frost, retreating to mysterious realms known only to winter spiders. Oblivion engulfs Steatoda Grossa. Noticeably absent precedes nary a thought, all but forgotten until  stirrings of imminent spring mark their return. Today was that day.

Gentle rain forest winter spared Vancouver tongues uttering arctic out-flows, polar vortex, deep freeze, windchill, or snowfall warning. Despite bold daffodils towering six inches above rain soaked soil, blooming crocus and snowdrop, rosy plum blossoms tossing caution to the wind – February’s winter fury remained fathomable.

Forget groundhog shadows or Farmer Almanacs, dismiss calendars and weather channel designations –  when spiders reclaim familiar pasture in my home, spring has officially declared itself.

Steatoda grossa


Mantis Shrimp Rule

Humanity’s chest thumping superiority, the notion opposable thumbs and language trump other life forms, hasn’t considered the Mantis Shrimp – ounce for ounce, this bad ass crustacean is one specialized creature. Over 400 known species, ranging in size from a few inches to a 16 inch behemoth, Mantis Shrimp are classified as smashers or spearers.

Spearers have spiny appendages with barbed tips, smashers possess authoritative “clubs” accompanied by rudimentary spears. Start by pondering mantis shrimp as raptors in Jurassic Park – evolutionary perfection, culminating in predators of imposing effectiveness. Regardless of smashing/spearing distinctions, all mantis shrimp strike by rapidly unfolding “raptorial” claws. Even if they miss their prey, shock waves created by swift strike inertia, often does the job for them. Larger Mantis Shrimp have been known to shatter aquarium glass in a single blow.

Aggressive, solitary bottom dwellers, Mantis Shrimp are found hiding in rocks or digging tangled passageways in sea floors – generally in tropical and sub-tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, and Pacific from eastern Africa to Hawaii. Some species wait for prey, others hunt and chase.

Consider above as preface to Mantis Shrimp rule, their actual story demands we ruminate Mantis Shrimp vision. Man has 3 types of colour receptive cones – Mantis Shrimp have 16. Perched on stalks, each eye moves independently of the other.Each eye is divided by 3 regions, each region performs a different task – capable of detecting polarized light, multi-spectral images and ultra-violet in 5 frequencies. Mantis Shrimp have more photo receptors and colour detecting cells than any animal on the planet.

Wait, there’s more – many species light up with fluorescent signals, colour coded beacons to identify themselves, or challenge others in documented exhibitions of ritualized fighting. Mantis Shrimp rule.

Ponder this clip from National Geographic –



Every so often I pull the shoebox out of my closet. A more accurate account would be; it falls on me when I’m looking for something else. Not wanting to mess with the universe I always take a moment to ponder it’s contents. More often than not my scrutiny is unavoidable as it has spilled onto the floor. My shoebox isn’t in the best of shape; it’s never occurred to me to find a sturdier, more suitable box. I prefer to tape it up, return the treasure, and slide it back on the shelf.

The shoebox contains letters; over 50 years of hopes, dreams, heartache, and best wishes. The better part of my life falls on my head from a dusty old duct taped box. I don’t read them, feel sad, or contemplate any life other than the one I have. If anything I worry about what others might think…

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