The Beach

By night, Vancouver’s deserted beaches beg for recognition.


5 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. I always find Mr Notes choice of subject to be interesting.

    Night time photography is so much like B&W in some ways. I know I struggle with the choice of how much luminosity to achieve in nighttime images. Personally I want to utilize as much of the gray-scale as I can in every image but that risks having night shots appear to have been taken during the day, and then one consequently loses the deep reds.

    I have this personal struggle with shadows. I’m always wanting to find a way to recover lost detail. I play with HDR exposures and blending over and under exposures to achieve what I’m looking for, and I play with the histogram but in the end I don’t take as many night shots just because I can’t seem to find a way of saying what <> want to say.

    I admire the way Mr Notes goes at it though… like street photography which I also don’t do well … night time takes a special love and skill. (which I don’t have)


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