Female Revolutionaries

Ponder International Women’s Day, ask yourself why women need a day of recognition. Let others quibble about reasons for lack of International Men’s Day or international days paying lip service to minorities. Forget social conscience lip service paid to atrocities and injustice. Dismiss tired debate of pay and gender equality. Take a moment, click on the link below and understand why women kick ass.


3 thoughts on “Female Revolutionaries

  1. In the end, the female revolutionary who stands to make a meaningful change in the world is the Educator. Whether the change is beneficial or not depends on the values she instils in her charges—reality based, or fairy-fluffy stuffs.

    Running around with guns and things is all good clean fun and macho, but in the long run doesn’t make a great deal of difference. My all-time greatest female revolutionary was (and still is) Ayn Rand—no guns, just a penetrating intellect and a truthful pen.

    • Agreed 🙂 Not for a moment do I believe women need to become revolutionaries in order to gain recognition. International Women’s Day found me full of piss and vinegar, at the tail end of a bottle of wine.Exasperated with predictable jibber-jabber, I tossed out female revolutionaries to see where it might fall.:)

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