Sorry Donald, You’ll Never Be President

Settle down America, Donald Trump will never become President. Trump is America’s Rob Ford. Just as Toronto’s crack smoking mayor enjoyed a period of inexplicable popularity, Trump’s narcissistic, racist, misogynistic buffoonery will crash and burn. Similarities between Ford and Trump reside in ability of both men to exhibit reckless disregard for traditional politicking.

Disregard is a powerful weapon. Unexpected, refreshing, born of screwed up priorities. Gathering momentum, fueled by unspoken discontent, it penetrates stagnant air with herculean force. Caught unaware, disgruntled populations equate disregard with solutions.

Bolstered by celebrity, Trump entered politics with a haughty declaration, he would make America great again. Basking in waves of rhapsodic affirmation, Trump preened his vision of magnificence. Conservatives dismissed arrogance as patriotism, lining up to hang on his every word. Unscripted tirades mocked political correctness, lack of propriety made it abundantly clear – he didn’t know how, or was interested in playing politics. Overnight, Trump became the voice of blind conservatism.

Trump made it OK to blame, he gave fear direction and purpose. Elated numskulls embraced blame without social restraint. Build a wall to keep Mexicans out (financed in part by seizing money illegal immigrants send to family in Mexico ) ,round up and deport an estimated 11 million undocumented Mexicans, teach China how to do business ( after all, China created the climate change “hoax” to undermine the U.S. economy ), bomb the shit out of ISIS, ban Muslims from entering America, close all mosques, create a Muslim registry – blame black, brown and yellow, music to the ears of America’s white underbelly.

Disregard lances a boil, relief is immediate. Donald Trump embodies rivulets of ooze escaping that wound. Complications arise when reliance on disregard obliterate common sense. Buoyed by waves of delusional disregard, Donald Trump doesn’t realize he’ll never be President. Blame, exclusion, mockery of civil and constitutional rights, ignorance, inflammatory contempt for those daring to question his greatness – wait to deliver a sobering reality. Wake up Donald, do the math – America doesn’t have enough pinched white minds to close the deal. I’m not sure who or what you’ll blame, but assure you I’ll find your attempt entertaining.





22 thoughts on “Sorry Donald, You’ll Never Be President

  1. I’m not so sanguine about this, Notes. The man’s narcissistic but he’s not unintelligent, which is a dangerous combination. He really is getting to people. Well, more specifically to his target demographic, which the NYT has shown to be white trailer trash. But they do have a vote.

  2. He’ll go down in a ditch, but he’ll go down. However, his popularity among despairing citizens does illustrate that we need a few visionaries that are able to convincingly direct us forward. In the US and elsewhere. I don’t see those among any of the candidates. Nor in other countries. The world may have to sink a little deeper in its erring lost way before the visionary leaders will pop up here and there. But we can’t be far off!

    • The question is — where does said visionary come from?

      It seems to me that the reason people have jumped on his bandwagon is that the Dems and the Republican mainstream put up nothing but “business as usual” choices. As angry as people are about the current state of the union they want CHANGE with a capital CHANGE!. Unless they get a more desirable alternative he’s the best (only) choice to business as usual.

      A lot of people see Hillary as a scoff-law, and Bernie as too much of a socialist. If the only other choice is Trump….. who knows.

      • Admittedly, I wrote this from the perspective of liberal Canadianism. That said, I stand firm on belief America won’t elect Trump. As for your comments – you make valid points.It would be foolish to categorize and dismiss Trump supporters as exclusive members of the white trash club.It strikes me as equally foolish to assume majority votes will equate Trump with the type of CHANGE America so desperately needs. Which leads to visionaries. As geneticfractals pointed out – there aren’t any and that’s a big problem. Sanders vision won’t fly, Clinton not only lacks vision, she embodies the reason America demands CHANGE. Trump is riding a perfect storm of propaganda, fear and panic that won’t last. I have faith America will see Trump CHANGE for the wooden nickel it is. 🙂

      • Agreed! I think the biggest telltale will be the level of anger. Perrot didn’t get anywhere a few years ago — he was the last semi-serious attempt at change. But the level of anger wasn’t as high.
        What Trump keys in on more than anything else IS anger & hatred. His verbiage appeals to the unspeakable desires in many — from anger over having a black president which seems stronger today than 8 years ago, to anger over job inequity, to fear of EVERYTHING.
        I want to think that the american voter will see through him — but the fact that any alternative isn’t very appealing either (clinton and sanders) leaves the voter with a catch-22. I’ve never had much confidence in the wisdom of the american voter. Committees aren’t a great way to get things done.
        We’ll see. But I do think he’s a greater threat to this nation than we’ve seen from OUTSIDE in a long time.

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