Deportation Force

Distasteful as it may be, every few weeks I make a point of reading articles about Donald Trump. Without fail, fresh insight produces a mouth full of vomit. My days of sarcastic clucking are over, I haven’t the energy or inclination to organize dribbles of common sense regarding Trump. That said, this is what I learned today –

Donald Trump believes vaccines cause Autism. WTF!

Trump is opposed to increasing minimum wage. ( Raising the federal minimum wage would impact businesses, minimum wage earners just need to work a little harder. )

Teenage moms shouldn’t receive public assistance, although placing them in group homes makes sense.

Enough! Mindful of rising bile, I’m about to turn away when “deportation force” catches an eye. He detests birthright citizenship – screw the 14th Amendment, Trump has it on “good authority” the Constitution never meant to encourage pregnant Mexicans. Build a wall, half of illegals are criminals, expelling Mexicans would drastically reduce crime, blah, blah, blah – explain deportation force.

How silly of me, clearly making America great screams for eloquently named illegal immigrant crushers. Deportation Force doesn’t mince words ( Trump loathes political correctness – I learned that today ) A true crowd pleaser, Trump rallies erupt at mention of tripling the number of immigration enforcement officers, supporters beam with patriotic relief. What a guy – 25,000 new employment opportunities for real Americans and promise to purge millions of criminals, rapists and drug dealers – it doesn’t get better than this.

Just playing with you, it gets a lot better. Collective back slaps leave little room for questions or practical analysis. Trump supporters needn’t worry themselves with specifics or common sense. The American Action Forum had free time to run numbers – Trump’s Deportation Force would take upwards of 20 years and $400 billion to complete.

Of all the ways $400 billion might be used to make America great again, deportation force isn’t one of them. Donald Trump is an asshole – I learned that today.

4 thoughts on “Deportation Force

  1. Trump is not alone in the “vaccines cause autism” world. Jenny McCarthy (post Playboy centerfold life) has almost made a career campaigning for vaccine awareness. Maybe he learned his view from her? LOL

    I see that Obama has publicly said that Trump will NOT be elected President. I’m not sure where he get’s his info but I’m sure hoping he’s right.

    I still say the fact that he has managed to stay center-stage for this long speaks volumes about how discontented the population is right now. And the concept that our elective choice might be between him and Hillary — whom nearly as many people hate for very different reasons has me almost ready to join the ranks of the Ex Pats.

    at least you look at Trump and learn something about him. I suspect that most people that like him do so because he caresses their own bigotry. That anyone would learn anything FROM Trump seems impossible.

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