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There are those who flatly deny man-made climate change, others who prescribe to global warming as a natural earth cycle, and scoffers convinced the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. Presidential wannabe Donald Trump contends climate change a conspiracy perpetrated by China to undermine the U.S. economy. Bastions of tight ass right wing patriotic duplicity, the likes of Heartland Institute, Americans for Prosperity and the Heritage Foundation, use their considerable non-profit resources to cast doubt on climate science – target of choice, the NOAA. Inhabiting the opposite end of the spectrum, a plethora of organizations from the David Suzuki Foundation to Greenpeace champion the result of humanity’s indifference to drastic warning signs of climate calamity.

On Monday UK climate scientist Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading, posted this “infographic” on Twitter. In a Washington Post article, Jason Samenow wrote –

“Over the years, scientists have attempted to visually communicate the Earth’s warming in many ways.  They’ve developed an array of maps, charts, and animations that present an unmistakable picture of a warming world.

But I’ve seen no visual as striking and effective as the infographic posted to Twitter Monday by climate scientist Ed Hawkins.”

Regardless of which camp you call home, ponder Hawkin’s graphic. Each ring represents a year from 1850-2016.

See Earth’s Temperature Spiral Toward 2°C : Discovery News

3 thoughts on “Climate Change GIF

  1. What really gets me is that idiots like Trump actually manage to get others to believe such rubbish. They can easily claim that science itself is a hoax. That science is a belief system corrupted by the bad guys.

    Facts are a malleable commodity in the hands of Trump. It isn’t until people suffer and die at their hands that their supporters will entertain reality. I haven’t decided whether Trump’s stupidity will annihilate himself or the rest of us.

    • It started long before Trump opened his wretched little mouth. Trump is a lot of things but one thing he’s not is oblivious to powers of flagrant manipulation and capitalization of sentiment to seal a deal.Trump shrewdly recognized ignorance mattered less than assertive persuasion. Taking a page from the Koch or Heartland playbook, he quickly learned bat shit sells. Don’t get me wrong, not for a second do I think Trump is smart enough to consciously manipulate opinion. IMO a perfect storm of Trump hubris just happened to collide with deep seated fears created by right wing, big money propaganda machines. He’s dumb as a post but arrogant enough to consider himself a freaking swami.

  2. It’s quite a powerful graphic I have to say. Thanks!

    I am thinking about the statement above ^^ “Facts are a malleable commodity” — I still harken back to a book from 40 (???) years ago: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. People “prove” all sorts of things using numbers, some true and others not-so-much but there seem to be a sub-species of humans who are unwilling to believe anything that disagrees with their own opinion until that something comes up and kills them. Even being “bitten” is often only enough to infuriate them and make them scream and rant even more loudly.

    It’s a good time not to own property in Florida.

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